About Us

bisco industries is a premier distributor of Electronic Components and Fasteners used for production in Aerospace, Communication, Computer, Fabrication, Industrial Equipment, Instrumentation, Marine and Military Industries. We strive to be our customers' sole supplier of electronic components and fasteners by being a local presence, providing exceptional service and offering one-stop-shopping.

In addition to having a broad line we provide unsurpassed customer service. While other distributors refer smaller customers to call centers, bisco industries understands that every customer deserves personalized service. That is why every inquiry will be directed to a trained sales professional knowledgeable in a specific category, who will be able to quote, give feedback or reference an alternative item within four hours. Our excellence in inventory management enables us to pass down cost savings to our customers. Product managers constantly analyze our stock and usage trends to ensure that we have the parts our customers need in stock, shortening lead times and improving costs.

Today, bisco industries, Inc. employs over 500 employees at fifty-two (52) locations. These facilities are strategically located throughout the United States and Canada along with our newest office in Manila, Philippines. We offer local service, one-stop-shopping, and ensure fast delivery and availability to our customers. Our global expansion plans include opening a branch in Mexico in the near future and entering the European market soon after...


1973 - Founded in Chicago, IL by Glen Ceiley who continues to lead and guide the company.

1977 - HQ relocates to San Jose, CA. bisco has 2 locations and 35 employees.

1987 - HQ relocates to Anaheim, CA. bisco has 14 locations and 100 employees.

2001 - Larger facility acquired in Anaheim, CA. bisco has 21 locations and 178 employees.

2020 - HQ relocates to a new 82,000 sq ft facility. Today, bisco employs nearly 500 employees in 51 locations.


View the latest news and events here at bisco: http://press.biscoind.com/